Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My brilliant biggest boy

It's a miracle. My second blog post within a week. A year or so ago I was writing something new at least 2 or 3 times a week. If I'm being honest, there was lots to write about. And lately there hasn't been, which is a good thing because it means everything has been going smoothly, according to plan.

But it occurred to me that an update on my biggest boy was probably a little overdue. It occurred to me on the walk home from school this afternoon. On a walk home where he made me laugh most of the way home. Where he didn't actually walk but danced home for at least half of the way. Where he was telling me jokes that he knew would make me laugh. Where he asked if he could make me a cup of tea when we got home.

The short version is, he's doing BRILLIANTLY. Not only is he coping with school, but he's enjoying it. In fact, I would go so far as to say he positively bounced in to school yesterday morning, on the first day back after half term. And I'll admit that at one point I never could have believed that would be possible. Not only that, but he has been off the anti-psychotic medication for over 2 months, medication he was on for over a year and a half, and a fairly hefty dose of it at that.

What a dude.

I can't quite explain how proud I am of him. But wanted to share it, so that everyone who has been with us from the start could see how brilliant he is, how hard he has worked, how far he has come. And to give hope to anyone who may be at the start, who may be where we were a year or so ago.

My brilliant biggest boy.

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  1. How brilliant :))) x and v glad to see you back writing! Xxx